View Full Version : Just got my shipment yesterday

11/03/2016, 11:48 AM
This rock is amazing and the ordering process was so smooth. Placed order late Monday and my shipment was on a plane Wednesday morning. Left Tampa at around 7am and arrived in Chicago (Midway) shortly after 12pm. Pickup process was quick and smooth.

All boxes were in tact. Each box's content were packed with sea water that was protected by 4 layers of heavy plastic bagging.

My order consisted of live rock to supplement my existing setup, live sand for my refugium, hermits and snails to supplement my cleaning crew and two sponges. Richard threw in a few surprises as well (Thanks!).

This morning one of the anemones was open and extended, barnacles were doing their thing, tube worms were opened up, and a few hitchers were making their popping noises.

The items were added to a tank that has been running for about 4 months (post-cycling).

I'll try and post a few pictures in the new build area.

Would definitely order again.