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11/05/2016, 12:21 AM
Help needed.
My tank has been up and running for about 8 months now. All was going well till about a month ago when I started to get this white slmey **** growing out the rocks and on some of the SPS corals.
Within 2 days of this stuff showing up I lost my 6 fish within a few hours.
Water test are with a Palin analysis test kit.
Cal 475
Alk 7.6
Mag 1350
Po4 0.33
No3 0.10
Ion 0.02
Manganese 0.0010
Potassium. 360
Ozone 290
When I test phos and nitrate with my Salifert kit. Phos is 0.02 and nitrate was 0
But going by the Palin test it's not.
Will lowering the Po4 and No3 get rid of this white crap? And if I was to carbon dose vinegar would it make the problem worse or help.
I have been using Dr Tims waste away for the last 6 days, but it has not relly had any impact on it.
I'm also skimming very wet while I'm adding waste away.
Any help will be awesome

11/05/2016, 08:16 AM
take a powerhead and blow the stuff off the rocks, so it can be removed by the skimmer. Stop dosing everything. Let the bacteria consume whatever it is they are consuming.