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11/10/2016, 03:45 AM
You know, we have a very strange hobby... And many things can happened, even for very silly reasons.
Once I came home, I put my feet on a film of water... what!?... there was a plumbing failure... just to remember we have to check and re-check every pipe. Another time, another place, another film of water... this time was the osmocontroller... (please, I suggest you to choose one with no floating parts). And what about that time we have found a failure in our silicone? It was diminishing day after day... And that time we had a power failure? We can speak for days about the issues this hobby can offer to us. But then we see the world through the glass, and we are so happy! Every thing can happen, we have to watch our aquarium to prevent any failure. Can you share with us your story? We can also help you to avoid many small mistakes and keep an healty aquarium!

11/25/2017, 12:37 AM
My tank had crashed because I trusted in Hydor products. Thousands of dollars invested in livestock and corals died because of faulty Hydor products. Hydor is cheap and for a reason. You get what you pay for. When contacted, Hydor did not apologize and instead, went on the offensive blaming me for their product failures. Never again. Antonio Valla should be fired for his horrible customer service and rude behavior.