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11/13/2016, 11:50 PM
Hello guys

Hoping for some feed back on a 50g cube.

I had a single clown fish and an anemone and I decided to get a valentini puffer.

When I had the single clown I hardly had an issue w/ any detritus but now w/ the puffer I'm getting a bit of a diatom bloom and some green hairy algae. Nothing out of control but I want to nip it in the bud asap.

Anyways, since adding the puffer a month ago I've gotten a clown goby and a 6 line wrasse. So I have 4 inhabitants now.

I need enough lighting I'd say for the anemone but other than that I'm trying to keep lighting low.

My plan is 3 week 10g water changes... and then finding something that would sift thru my sand... any advice? I can't imagine any inverts would survive.

Thanks :)

11/14/2016, 02:00 AM
Your anemone is an invert and needs very good water quality. What kind of anemone is it? It also probably needs strong lighting like I said. Most of the time, anemones and low lighting don't go together... especially the ones that host clownfish.

Silly clownfish
11/14/2016, 08:28 AM
What are your water paramaters? Especially nitrates and phosphates?

Do you have a skimmer? Sump? using any kind of. Chemical filtration? Ex. Carbon, GFO (these 2 can help bring down any high nitrates and phosphates respectively). Do you vacuum your sand, or is it a DSB?

IMO, the alage bloom is likely due to adding 3 fish in a month. That is a big jump in bioload and your tank's bological filter can't scale up that fast.

Suggested remedies:
- water changes
- carbon and GFO. Even if you are reading zero nitrate and phosphates, there has to be some there, it is getting consumed to grow the algae
- slow down on the stocking (ok, too late for that)
- i would not reduce lighting. That only masks a problem and it will return when you bump the lights up. I would only go this route where you have some temporary issue like spilling a container of fish food into the tank.

Good luck