View Full Version : Skimmer selection and DC Pump for Alphas

11/15/2016, 10:01 PM
Hi Scott,

I am just starting up my new 360 gallons display and I have 2 older Alphas to choose from, a 200 and a 250. Which would you suggest for an sps concentrated system with moderate fish stocking?

These both have the original a/c red dragon pumps ( which are really very quiet). Can you please point out the newer DC skimmer pumps suitable for each? I will probably upgrade.

By the way, I bought a 230 watt Speedy 3 from you at MACNA back in 2015 in DC and I am just now finally getting it set up. I am stunned at how quiet the pump is! It is unbelievable. My new tank is in our family room and it is absolutely silent, even to my wife! Best "quality over price" purchase I have ever made. Worth every penny.


11/16/2016, 08:45 AM
Tough call on the skimmer choice. The Alpha 200 will be more consistent than the 250 unless you have a really heavy fish load. These skimmers are/were very conservatively rated. The RD3 will help as far as consistency as it's a much more balanced pump when it comes to air to water ratio. I'd be pretty torn and would likely start with the 250 and give it a couple months to see how it performs. I do think the 200 will be more consistent though and won't need to be run as wet to keep it consistent.

That said, this would be the RD3 pump to pair up with either of those two skimmers.

11/16/2016, 01:12 PM
Thanks Scott!!