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11/16/2016, 06:11 AM
I need to know if you think I can have a Mombasa Lionfish which gets about 6 1/4 inches with a Saddle Valentini Puffer which gets about 4 inches. Do you think the lionfish would eat it? They would be going into a 56g column tank which is 18"Lx30"Wx24"H. Would putting 2 of these lionfish and the puffer in this tank be too cramped for them? Thanks in advance!

11/16/2016, 12:59 PM
No it will not eat it, but it has been said that puffers, triggers, and angels will nip at the lionfish fins, so that's something to think about. I would not put 2 lionfish in that size tank.

11/16/2016, 01:12 PM
Thanks for the response. I saw where Triggers were not good tank mates but I didn't know about the Puffer be the same way. I thought that was probably too many/much fish for a tank that small especially since it is a column tank and not a good length tank. Time to rethink this. Thanks again!

11/16/2016, 07:13 PM
I wouldn't mix Puffers and Lionfish, which is the only reason I don't have a lionfish currently. They have very different personalities and feeding responses and it is impossible to say 100% what would happen, but they are both opportunistic feeders and the chances of one eating the other down the road is on the higher end of possible. My buddy had a pair of 4" lionfish in a 70 gallon tank for about a week and woke up one morning to one having eaten the other over night. So, the chances of them eating a fish smaller than themselves is actually pretty likely.