View Full Version : Trochus Snails Huddling in one spot

Scurvy Dawg
11/17/2016, 05:56 AM
I actually posted this in the "other invert" forum so if the mods want to delete that one that would be fine.

I have had 4 Trochus snails in my Biocube 32 for a couple months now. They have always been very active and travel all over the tank. Lately, the last week or so, they have been huddling together in the same spot on the back wall at the substrate level.

They are not dead, because they still move around. I even moved them all to different spots in the tank the other day and they all ended up back in the exact same spot. One snail broke rank and is moving around the tank like normal, but three of them pretty much hang out in this one spot.

Any insight at what is going on?

Water pars are all in line:
Temp 78
Calc 400
Alk 11
Mag. 1300
Nitrites 0
Ammonia 0
Nitrates <10
PH 8.1

11/17/2016, 06:41 AM
No idea, but it sounds exactly like the behavior I have been observing with my Nerites.

Temp 78
Calc 529
Alk 9
Mag. Not Tested
Nitrites 0
Ammonia 0
Nitrates <10
pH 7.8

11/22/2016, 07:06 PM
High Mag can kill snails, may want to bring it down a tad and see if that helps.

11/23/2016, 07:07 AM
I've seen the same periodically and always thought it was breeding behavior. After a while they separate and go their own ways. Sort of like millenials at a downtown club.