View Full Version : AF Phosphate Minus

11/18/2016, 05:31 PM
Using AF phosphate mius for the first time.Been running other GFo for awhile. Im having a tank crash for some reason. Im hoping I didnt over does. My tank has a total of 175 gal.
Tell me how much phosphate minus I should have put into my media reactor. TLF 550.

11/19/2016, 02:24 AM

Look on Page 9 for the volume

I doubt a GFO will cause a tank crash, I use 1400 ML of Phosphate Minus at a time on a 260 gallon

11/19/2016, 11:28 AM
Thanks, I used 500ml on 175 gal. I believe I might of striped the phosphates to quick or the gfo reduced my alk. to quick. Got several of my acros RTN, I don't think I will lose anything. I shut of my gfo. And all is stopped.