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11/27/2016, 06:16 AM
I have been running zeovit system for 2 years now and looking to try AF products currently using tropic marin pro with a calcium reactor also. System is 350 gallons SPS. I read through all the products and have been reading all posts on forum alittle confused on were to start with what products. I will be using the probiotic salt do I need to use components 123 even though I am running calcium reactor? Do I have to run the stones in the reactor I am trying to make this alittle more simple than the zeo system.So what are the exact products I need to order to make this work want to order all at once

11/27/2016, 08:19 AM
Here is a recent thread on same topic.

Here is the user guide which explains the Probiotic Method, and also explains each of the products.

Let me know questions after you read through, but no, you do not use Component 123 with a CARX, you could dose Component ABC + Kalium, ABC is dosable Kalium is manual drops. This is what most who use a CARX do. Cheers