View Full Version : Oddball SPS/Reef Safe Fish Recommendations

11/29/2016, 09:20 AM
So, I have an "opening" (lol) for a fish for my 155 display/300 system.

Current inhabitants, all of whom I prefer to survive:

Desjardin Sailfin
Foxface Lo
Radiant Wrasse
Blue Spot Goby
3x Royal Gramma
Clown Goby
6x peppermint shrimp
2 starfish
Acropora and Montipora of various makes and models

I recently removed a mystery wrasse implicated in the disappearance of several peppermint shrimp

I recently lost a cosmetus wrasse to old age who also was implicated earlier in the loss of the shrimp. Due to intermittent aiptasia blooms, the pepps are needed.

By "oddball" I'm thinking in the cow/frog/leaf/trigger/puffer fish range, but I need not be locked into those categories. Something unusual, cool, and peaceful to the above list. Might be a tricky find...