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11/29/2016, 10:18 AM
This may be in the wrong section but these two guys are the very first corals I have owned. They are housed in my 265g about middle of the tank on some rock. My question is what can I put in the tank to feed them, any chemicals to does with. Right now I am assuming the pagoda is grabbing any mysis/tiny blood worms, and pellets that the fish don't get. The gyre really blends it up after the 10 min timer goes off. Just seeing if there is anything in the liquid form I can drop in the tank that may make them grow faster and stay healthy.

11/29/2016, 11:26 AM
You don't need to feed them at all. Toadstools don't eat and Pagodas are pretty ambivalent about it, just feed the fish and keep up with water changes.

11/29/2016, 07:32 PM

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