View Full Version : What's wrong with these green plays???? HELP!!!

12/02/2016, 08:54 PM
I purchased these Green Palys about a month ago. I noticed they were only partially open and only green in the center. Nothing like the pic in the website. I saw what it looked like zoa pox plus a lot of black dots. Treated with Coral revive and peroxide dip (peroxide every other day for a week). The zoa pox seemed to have been cleared and the palys opened partially again after about a week after the last dip. It never had opened fully. Now they are all closed up and the black dots never cleared.

Can someone help me figure out what are those black dots and how to save this colony.

12/03/2016, 01:36 PM
True Palythoas incorporate the substrate into their bodies so the black spots are normal imo. Peroxide dips are pretty harsh on them, so doing a dip every other day for a week will take some time to come back from. I'd try a revive dip again then just leave them in a spot with moderate flow on the sandbed.

If you haven't been giving them moderate flow after the dips then that will stress them out a lot too.

12/08/2016, 01:56 PM
Changed them from my pico (3g) to my nano (8g) and they are opening up now. Not sure as the water chem should be similar (same water, temp) and the pico just has 2 sexy shrimp + a few mushrooms. Maybe the Nano being an established tank (3+ yrs.) is better for them.