View Full Version : ID, please!

12/06/2016, 07:38 PM
I've conflicted. I think it is a Rhodactis mussoides, but I see a lot of pictures claiming to be R mussoides that look nothing like this one. It is large, probably 8 inches from end to end. I'm not even sure if it one coral, or a colony all squished together. Thoughts?

http://i779.photobucket.com/albums/yy73/zoolan70/500%20Gallon%20Tank/4C876E0B-C742-4F4D-A88E-9D0A9BD061ED_zpsngorqz4d.jpg (http://s779.photobucket.com/user/zoolan70/media/500%20Gallon%20Tank/4C876E0B-C742-4F4D-A88E-9D0A9BD061ED_zpsngorqz4d.jpg.html)

12/12/2016, 05:55 AM
elephant mushroom maybe