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12/08/2016, 06:43 PM

Recently purchased this quantum protein skimmer for my 155 gallon tank and keep it in the sump tank. I recently noticed the overflow container on the protein skimmer which I typically empty once a week is now full of water and not filtering / skimming. Any ideas what the issue could be from and how to resolve? I have tried emptying the water and reseating the cup that is on top of the skimmer but the issue keeps reoccurring.

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12/14/2016, 12:32 PM
It can be a number of things..

The most common is water height in the sumps skimmer chamber.. This needs to stay consistent at the correct height for the skimmer to function properly.

medication or changes in your water chemistry can also cause this, Like a Fish dying or other events. .

Mechanical issues that can cause this.
The air line or injection port on the pump can get calcium build up inside them. Soaking the pump and line in vinegar solution 5/1 ratio then insuring everything is clean can solve this..

Sometimes when a skimmer over flows you should just shut it off for 30 min or so then open the air tube and power it back up.. re adjusting the air to get it skimming back at the right level.
Its all about trouble shooting that its working correctly and re adjusting correctly.. They are a fenikie and some worse the others

Hope this helps. Good Luck