View Full Version : J.F. Bonsai or no

12/11/2016, 06:26 AM

Purchased this frag at a LFS and was told that it was Jason fox bonsai. I'm having a hard time believing it because it's so white and the polyps near the base as well as the coralite tips are this cool looking olive drab color kinda hard to see in photo.

12/11/2016, 07:31 PM
Could be looks a bit bleached and light colored. See what happens as the coral acclimates to your tank the purple could extend all the way down.

12/11/2016, 08:19 PM
I thought the first thing when I first saw it but I do t think it's bleached there's still all kinds of green all around the polyps all the way down the coral. The white doesn't look like bleached tissue or bare skeleton or anything. It's kind of pearlescent hard to capture it with a iPhone.