View Full Version : Feed Pause: 1 current pumps on, 2 turn them OFF

12/11/2016, 04:36 PM
So the Plux is great because I can program more than one type of fee pause.

What I'd like to do is the following:

I have a FP 1 configured as a daily "quick" feed. I put the Tunze pumps at the minimum and Filter OFF, so I'd like a little bit of water movement.

For program 2 I'd like the Tunze's to be OFF. but I'd stil like them to run at minimum for program 1 (so just setting them to OFF for all feed pauses isn't applicable). I have them all plugged into the same socket, so I'm sure if I can figure out how to use the correct timer I can do this.

I have what I would call the basic programming down. I have logic that turns off stuff if there is an alarm, but timers flummox me. And I also have a delay start for skimmer, but it isn't tied to a specific feed program (I'd rather that but I have a general pause set now).

Recommendations on logic gates, please? Timer settings?