View Full Version : Greetings! New member here.

12/12/2016, 06:18 PM
Hello everyone. I've only been in the hobby a few years. The old school bleach coral/under gravel filter tanks have always had some appeal to me so I set one up. This is your standard petsmart 120XH combo. For filtration it has a perfecto undergravel filter with two rio 1100's powering it. Crushed coral, a little dry rock, and eBay coral skeletons. There's an mj400 for some extra flow and a mj1200 powering a 40watt aqua uv sterilizer.

Stocking: hippo tang, blonde naso, sailfin, Koran angel, green chromis, yt damsel and finally a pair of clowns.

The tank is about a year old and seems to be successful. I'm finished stocking and just enjoying it. I know the fish will outgrow it but they're all quite small at this point. Just wanted to say hi and get involved in the community.


12/13/2016, 01:07 PM
Very nice and shiny tank :)