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12/12/2016, 08:49 PM
So I'm moving into a new house where I will have a whole room in the basement dedicated to my aquariums. You guessed it. Upgrading the system. Right now I have a 120 reef setup with 40g sump. I also have a 75 FOWLR tank with 20 sump.. Once we get into the new house I want to add a 300g predator pond with rays sharks and maybe some lion fish. However I'm looking for some ideas on how to tie the systems together. I will most likely have the display upstairs and plumbed down into the aquarium room. From there's I'm not sure how to proceed. Especially with tying in the pond. I'm obviously going to need to upgrade my sump and get more rock but what are suggestions for setting up the pond, since I've never used them before and how/should I tie the systems together? I have a few tanks at my disposal that I haven't figured out what exactly I'm going to do with yet. 150g, 55g, 29g and a 20g. Looking for some ideas.

12/13/2016, 05:35 AM
Two thoughts I'll share, 1 I would not plumb the predator pond to the reef, pond will be a huge nitrate factory due to heavy feeding. 2 I would go bigger than 300 if you can. Rays and sharks will need a lot of room to move around.

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12/13/2016, 07:29 AM

I would have to agree. 300 gallons is far too small for sharks and rays. Figure on a 1000 gallon minimum, broad but not tall.

Same for the high waste from sharks and rays. It really needs its own filtration system separate from the reef.