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12/13/2016, 07:35 AM
I have a 35L NPS tank in which i keep gorgonians, sponges, sun corals and inverts- sea apple, tube anemone,scallop etc.

I would like to add a fish to the tank, but would like to keep the deepwater theme. I know that my tank is way too small for any type of deepwater anthias, but are there any gobies or small fish that come from cold waters. I was also thinking about a pipefish also, but again my tank is not big enough and to be honest i don't think it would do well with the high flow.

The only coldwater goby that i know of is the Catalina Goby (Lythrypnus dalli)

Are there any others?

Thanks in advance, Lewis.

12/13/2016, 01:33 PM
Since you are in the UK I would look for some of the species just to the south of you. Talk to the guys at Flying Sharks in Portugal.

Here's their fish species page on their website http://flyingsharks.eu/portal/index.php?option=com_fwgallery&view=gallery&id=47:teleosts&Itemid=27#fwgallerytop

Here is their current catalogue http://flyingsharks.eu/Flying_Sharks_Catalogue_2016.pdf

12/13/2016, 01:37 PM
Or if you are ambitious you could probably take a trip and find these gobies native to your waters http://fishbase.org/summary/Gobiusculus-flavescens.html#

01/03/2017, 09:29 PM
Good question. Certainly there should be a lot to choose from. Some of the best corals colors are coldwater, so maybe it applies to fish too.