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12/13/2016, 08:39 PM
Experienced advice appreciated. The tank is my 72" 125g juvi tank. The fish are all about 2" right now; blueline, niger, and clown triggers and a passer angel. I have access to larger tanks to home them in when the time is right. I also have a jeweled moray at about 20". Running a refugium in about 24g of water volume and an oversized skimmer, water quality is very good.

So I saw a blue ribbon eel today; he was black, still in his juvi state. He is about 20-24" max and was eating like a champ. The owner fed him these white fish he got from china town. My jeweled is really not active at all, I rarely see him. My thoughts are the blue may even entice him out more.

Any long term suggest anyone would like to share. Thanks

olemiss reb
12/14/2016, 01:23 PM
I'd be concerned with the blueline, clown trigger, and the angel to a lesser extent nipping at it's tail and/or head if it isn't able to hide completely. I had to spot feed all of my ribbons and the shrimp in the tank could make this a daunting task. I can't imagine spot feeding with aggressive feeders in the tank.

If you decide to get it, I strongly recommend incorporating a pvc system for the ribbon. I used 1/2" pipe and it was big enough to house two ribbons.

1/2" pipe--

This is the pipe from my Dragon eels tank but it's the same layout I had for the Ribbons. Hidden completely within rockwork. Holes were to allow a little flow in pipe.

12/14/2016, 01:31 PM
I had 1 but got caught in my power head and that was the end of him
had it for 7 mths eating after 2 weeks.


12/14/2016, 02:02 PM
I set up the tank with my jeweled in mind so there are 3 rock structures built to specifically allow the jewel to build caves underneath. Many times I can't find him so there is plenty of areas where he can completely conceal himself. The triggers don't nip at the jewel and are all model citizens right now. I plan to keep them in this tank until they get too big for it or their attitudes change. I raised another clown trigger from 1" to 7" and kept him in 180 and he never got attitude, they are quite different when they are hand raised from an inch. I target feed my jewel now and have to maneuver around the triggers, so I'm pretty good at now. I have noticed the ribbons will use the pvc, but don't plan to install it. I know ribbons are difficult, I just don't want something that no matter what you do; they don't live long.