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12/14/2016, 08:27 AM
I purchased a 32 gal led bio cube recently and plan to eventually have as a reef with only a few fish. I will list my equipment below.
32 gal bio cube led
15 lbs Carib sea argonitesand
20ish lbs of dead live rock [will be adding some live to seed]
I added water and instant ocean reef salt on Sunday evening and tonight will be adding
75 watt ebo jager heater
100 ml purigen
Filter floss
Chemi pure elite
I am hoping to be all setup with salinity fully correct and temp right to add a couple inverts and some live rock to begin seeding and maybe one fish by this weekend. Is there anything you feel i am missing or anything you would do different. Again my eventual goal is a small nano reef with soft corals.

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12/19/2016, 08:52 PM
You really should allow your tank to cycle for a few weeks before adding a fish.

P.s you accidently posted in the identification forum which may be why you didnt get much of a response.