View Full Version : MP40w ES driveshaft screw and washer

12/16/2016, 10:00 PM
I have two perfectly good wet sides now with two broken driveshaft screws. I also lost the washer on each down the drain when each was taken apart 🙈... I cannot find these screws anywhere or even the old maintenance kits. I really really hope I'm not going to have to buy a mp40wd wetside just because two little screws. Has anyone run into this recently? Are there any retrofit options of maybe stainless screws from HD or nylon screws? Thanks in advance!


12/17/2016, 12:05 AM
I don't have a pitch gage here, but I can take one of my spares to work Monday and measure it. Need the length, head countersink angle, diameter, and pitch. I'm betting whatever it is that McMaster Carr has them in nylon, and likely in stainless as well, although personally I'd go nylon.

If you do have to get a new one, I'd check compatibility with the QD wetside. They seem like they should be compatible and they are a better design.

12/17/2016, 10:00 AM
Wow that would be awesome if you could do that! I know a bunch of people in my position that would benefit greatly from that! Being able to pick up a screw for a few bucks rather than buying a whole new wetside is a no-brainer. If you tell me the type of screw I need, I don't mind being the guinea pig and testing it out. I will reply here with how it all worked out.

12/18/2016, 04:09 PM
Ok. I found at least a temporary solution. I went to HD and bought a package of # 8-32 x2inch stainless oval head Phillips machine screws, a pack of #8 nylon washers, and matching stainless screw nuts. Put everything back together and there is juuuuuuust enough thread to screw the nut on. Put it in the tank and VOILA! No noise, vibration or any weirdness in general. Only thing not perfect is the width of the screw inside the propeller. I'm going to head back and grab #10 screws and see if it is a better fit. But in a pinch it this works great!! No need to buy a new wetside ������

12/19/2016, 11:33 AM
The one I have is a #10-32, 2.14" long with 0.5" of thread. I measured the countersink angle as a bit wide, but that angle is normally standardized so that is probably an error in my measurement. There is some extra thread out the end so while a 2.125" bolt would be best, I think a 2" bolt would work.

For those that don't want to get a 2" #10-32 flat head at their local hardware store McMaster Carr part # 95133A540 looks like it will work. It is flat rather than Phillips for the screw, but that shouldn't matter. The McMaster screw is also fully threaded which I don't think will be a big deal. They are currently $7.46 for a bag of 100, plus shipping. For those not initiated with McMaster Carr they will not quote shipping in advance, but it is generally reasonable and is almost always next day to business addresses, but at ground shipping prices.