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12/20/2016, 06:40 AM
Hi Scott,

You have helped me identify the correct R3 pump replacement for my two Alphas (200 & 250), but I keep wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get a new skimmer. (It sounds like the Alphas just suffer from having a large neck diameter that can make them inconsistent unless there is a heavy load). I have a 360 gallon display. I guess the 250 style skimmers are too big for me (?) so I am looking at the 200's. I see comments about the Deluxe 200 skimmer in this forum, but I do not see one on the website. Are they still being made? If so, do you know how much they cost?


12/20/2016, 08:51 AM
The Deluxes are still being made. We just sold our last one that we had in US stock a week or so ago which is why they don't show up on the US site. More are due to arrive late this week if not early next. An SM 250 would be oversized. The Deluxe 250 would be marginally oversized and either way, the 200 sized SM or Deluxe skimmers would perform better. That said, the Double Cone 250 would work very well for your sized display and would run rings around those Alphas! It's a far superior design. Much better balance and obviously a much better skimmer.

if it were me, i would either go with the Deluxe 200 or the Double Cone 250. The Deluxe is made of much heavier material with the upper half of the body being hand welded but shares the same pump as the Double Cone 250. The Double Cone uses a thinner acrylic and is cast to form that upside down wine glass shape.