View Full Version : New Stuff From Reef Breeders LLC!

12/21/2016, 04:16 PM
Hey Everyone,

We brought some new products in that you might find interesting!

Today we received our first shipment of the new Nano Light Touch, which is an upgrade to the Nano Light Basic. The light uses 9 3watt Cree and Epi LEDs for a total of 30watts of power, and can be adjusted for color and power output using 2 touch sensitive buttons on top of the light!



Simply Touch the plus key to adjust the whites, and the minus key to adjust the blue. Touch them both at the same time to turn the light on/off. Each channel has 10 different power outputs to choose from, for 20 unique color combinations!

These lights are currently on sale for $99.99 shipped to your door, click here (https://www.reefbreeders.com/shop/nano-light-basic/) to get yours!

We also added a new Auto Top Off system with an optical sensor and manual backup sensor. The system also includes a pump, tubing, and a mounting bracket. Basically, everything except for the water! Click here (https://www.reefbreeders.com/shop/coral-box-a100-ato/) to get yours for only $69.99!


We also added some Premium Fish and Coral food from AgCore! Their food is made using Spirulina grown locally right here in Cranston, RI at their very own greenhouse and processing facility! Take a look at their fantastic Aquarium Nutrition offerings and let us know what you think! Click here (https://www.reefbreeders.com/shop/agcore-premium-spirulina-fish-food/) to get AgCore premium fish food for only $9.99!


Keep an eye out for more cool stuff from Reef Breeders LLC, and like us on Facebook if you haven't done so already!