View Full Version : baby erectus 24 hrs old trouble eating

12/25/2016, 08:41 AM

My erectus are 25 hrs old. I have them in a 20 gallon long tank. temp is about 76-77 degrees. With sponge filter, light bubbles.

The bbs are 22 hrs from starting the culture. I think about half are hatched, so I fed for the first time to the SH. I wasnt sure how to sterilize the bbs. What I did was siphon off 3 grams of bbs + saline total (their water) and added 1 g of H2O2. I was afraid this would kill the bbs. It didnt seem to, at least not noticeably. I rinsed it off with ri di.

Added to the SH baby tank. A very few SH are successfully snicking and swallowing. SOme are snicking and spiting out. A great majority are just chasing after the bbs and looking at them only!

Do the baby sea horses just need time to figure this out?