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12/27/2016, 02:10 AM
I won't bore you with my rant about how difficult this skimmer is to deal with, especially with the results one gets even at optimal performance. I've put probably 4 to 6 hours of solid fiddling time in on this thing but I digress.

My latest and main problem at this point seems to be that the piece pictured keeps rising up:


I have:

- made sure the skimmer is sitting at the proper level, referencing the squiggly line on the side

- Turned the air alllll the way down via the knob (and up, and every other position of this knob)

- I'm using the plastic bubble eliminator piece as well as a piece of foam. The foam is not sitting in the clear plastic bubble eliminator thing but a little up into the body of the skimmer.

- The pump is facing inwards, towards the bubble eliminator

No matter what I do, that plate rises up, which throws the collection cup off. When the plate is sitting level, the skimmer seems to be working, with the bubbles at the proper level. It still kind of works when the plate is lifted up, but the collection cup quickly fills with water (over I'd say a day or two). I can't even get a tea colored skimmate let alone any kind of sludge or dark stuff. Its always watery and very light, sometimes basically just slightly cloudy tank water.

I am about to throw this thing out or perhaps I might superglue the plate down. Not sure what the hell to do or how much more time to put in on this. Sorry.

12/27/2016, 08:22 AM
Closing the air all the way is the opposite of what you want to do. When you close the air the water flow increases, think of it as a 100gph pump that you are adjusting the ratio of what is air and what is water. The marked water line is a maximum and not an absolute. When the pump intake is facing inwards, you should use the one bubble trap with the hole in it, the strainer of the pump goes through the hole and the foam sponge sits right on the end of the diverter cup at the bottom. The other foam pad is for any of the other pump placement options.

1) Unplug the skimmer, open the air all the way, fix the foam pad placement, raise it until the water level is about 1/2" below the wavy line.

2) Plug it back in, before adjusting the air, raise it as needed so the water line is up to 1" below the wavy line, only then after that adjustment is maxed out should you adjust the air and never close the air more than about 1/3rd.

3) If overfoaming persists, it is likely due to a surfactant substance in the water, this would be many organic additives like dechlorinators, amino acid supplements, vitamins, stress coats, many of these are also present in new salt mix so a large water change or new tank can also cause this reaction and this would happen with any skimmer. Some filter medias, organic scavenger resins and non phenol free filter floss/bags will also cause this reaction.

12/28/2016, 01:02 AM
Thanks for the tips. I will try everything you suggested this week and report back.