View Full Version : After scheduling Radion Gen 3, the light won't turn on

12/31/2016, 06:33 PM
I just hanged two radion gen 3's today and I was able to add both devices on the ecosmart live and create a schedule. On the schedule, I click on one of the nodes the light changes to that color like it's supposed to. But when I programmed the schedule, after it's all done it turns off. The light won't come on with my program schedule. I went to do a factory reset and the light is turned on, but when I try to schedule it, it just turns completely off.

I don't have a reef link if that has something to do with it. I have four gen 2's hooked up that I've been using for a couple years without any problems and can still schedule without any problems. It's just these gen 3's I'm trying to set up. Any ideas?

01/01/2017, 12:46 PM
So I left the lights plugged in last night and the lights were set to their schedule. The pm and am acted like it was backwards because they came on.The reason they didn't turn on yesterday was because it was thinking it was in the middle of the night.

So this morning I went on ecosmart live and the time zone is correct and my schedule has the pm and am correct. I don't know what's wrong. So I made a schedule where the lights come on during the night rather than during the day to see if it reverses it, but that didn't help what so ever. One light was dimmed blue and the other was white light. So I went back to my original schedule and now it works. Must have been a glitch or something.

For some reason too the clock on ecosmart live doesn't match my computer clock. It's like 1 hour ahead. The time zone is right and when I went to "custom" it and enter the time, it just goes back to the 1 hour ahead time.

Alex Y EcoTech
01/05/2017, 01:35 PM

Please make sure you have the correct timezone selected under the "Menu" tab. From there, click on the time displayed at the top of the screen. Next select "Automatic" and "Set" then finally "Program Aquarium".