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01/02/2017, 01:59 PM
i have a redsea reefer 350 it been runnig 35 days my parmeters are

ammonia 0
no2 0
no3 0
kh 7.8
calcium 460
magnesium 1480
ph 8.1
salinity 1.026
po4 0

i am using probiotic method with zeo mix

last week a add some cleaning crew and 2 days ago i put 5 coral

2 fungia
2 donuts
1 frag mont digitata

sould i start using

components 1 ,2 , 3
pro bio s
np pro
af energy
af build
af amino mix
af vitality
af power food

or should i waitr until i have more corals

if not all what products you recommend to use at this stage ?

01/03/2017, 06:16 AM
You may not need to dose Component 123 until the consumption is there, with few corals, you may be able to control the mineral consumption through water changes. Base the dosage for all 3 bottles on Component 2, which is alk. Let's just use NP Pro and Pro Bio S for now at 1/4 to 1/2 dose. During this time monitor N&P to make sure they are in low range. I would begin use of AF Power Food straight away at night 1/2 dose. This should be ok for now, when you have more animals, you can increase with NP Pro and Pro Bio S, and begin use of the other supplements. Cheers