View Full Version : Planing to try breeding my anularis angel

01/02/2017, 07:27 PM
Hi guys I'm planning on breeding my 2 anularis angels right now I'm trying to pair them I have the 2 in my 300 display so far the larger only chases the smaller one around no nipping they sleep together at night(hide in the same place right next to each other) and when they venture out at night they stick together. I'm hoping the pairing will be a success. the smaller has a bit of ich after QT but it's clearing up fine both eat very well on jumbo mysis but will only eat that so far it's been about 3 weeks with 2 week QT. Here is a vid in the first day in the display. I am planning on building a 450 gallon acrylic this summer for them to have to themselves to try and get a spawning:) any ideas, suggestions, and personal experiences with the angels will be much appreciated! https://vimeo.com/197843398

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