View Full Version : Zoa help please

01/03/2017, 08:01 AM
So my tank is pretty new and I was given my first small zoa frag a few weeks ago. It has been doing okay, but there always seems to be a few polyps closed. I figured I would leave it be and let it do it's thing. So today when I was blowing off my rocks, the zoa blew right off its frag plug. Just in case it had a pest that had hatched, I dipped it in coralrx like I had done when I bought it. While inspecting it I think I may have seen some zoa pox on one of the polyps. Here's my question. I don't have furan to dip and I'm consigned to perhaps losing this coral, it was a free frag. How long could the zoa pox infection last in my tank once there are no zoas in there? Should I wait to get more frags if this one bites the dust? Thanks for the help!