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EI Gringo
01/04/2017, 05:06 AM
So I'm near the end of my build for my male peacocks new tank.

Tank is unplumbed with essentially an in tank sump located in the centre of the aquarium not on the back.

The tank is 4'x 2' but only 19" tall coming to approximately 310L or 75g.

I have built a pedestal stand out of timber which will have a pull out dvd rack I'm situe but will be gloss black and completely flush for that modern look.

Tank is essentially hoodless but will have a condensation tray covering it making it wrasse proof and will have a hole in the middle for my skimmer to stick out of (coral box s150) along with a trim to cover the bracing.

The tank and stand is mounted lengthways from the wall coming into the room for extra viewing space as a room divider between living and dining.

On the end of the tank against the wall I have painted it black from the outside and fitted a Diy background of the Hull of a ship which has his burrow in built.

Here's a few pictures guys :)

01/04/2017, 02:48 PM
Wow that is a great footprint. I love it. I def want something like that for my next Peacock tank. It's the "peninsula" style which is really cool. I think that enhanced visibility is an important feature for a species that is often out and about. That's also a really creative way of concealing the PVC pipe burrow. Can't wait to see more!

11/21/2017, 01:18 PM
Hey bud, any progress on this tank?

12/26/2017, 04:02 PM
Any updated?