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01/04/2017, 11:56 AM
I'm fitting out a new system with a new 40g DT and 10g Sump and am interested in the 9410, due to it's features and high ratings. Would this work for me or is it absolutely too big for my system?

FYI, I currently have a 9004 in my 30g system, which has worked pretty well, but would like to move up to a "better" skimmer to make sure I'm pulling out the maximum amount of organics.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

01/04/2017, 12:36 PM
I would consider the 9410 grossly oversized, I would worry that when it is that much over the performance will suffer, it won't have enough organics to build a consistent foam head, if I was to go over on the 40 I would use a 9004 DC, the DC pump is a boost in performance. It could work, but it is risky, a lot will depend on sufficient bio load.

01/04/2017, 02:22 PM
Thanks for the quick reply Roger!

I really like the idea of having the DC pump, for power and controllability? So, to clarify, 9410 is a NO, but the 9004 DC is OK?

I really like the 9004 DC's footprint, since I only have 9.25"x8.5" to work with in the center section of the sump.

BTW, the 10 gallons for the sump is based on estimated running water height, so it could be more and the DT is actually a little over 42 gallons. So the system volume will be about 50 gallons, less live rock, etc.

Also, I tend to feed moderately and vinegar dose, but still Nitrates will creep up over 2 ppm sometimes with my current 9004.

One final question ... does the air passage calcify less than the old 9004, since I have to clean the pump orifice out every 2 months or so. Am I doing something wrong?

01/05/2017, 08:48 AM
I won't say the 9410 is a no, but even at the maximum stocking density of an SPS tank with a high fish load it is rated to 80 gallons, usually when you have that much overkill the skimmer cannot consistently produce foam, just not enough organics to make a foam head that gets into the cup and it is worse than a properly sized skimmer in removal for that reason. I think in general the 9004 DC is the better bet.

I think short of using a nitrate removal media or biopellets there will always be some nitrate accumulation, the skimmer just cannot get it all, some small chains will decompose or not be picked up by the skimmer regardless of size. It is also important to keep in mind that most aquarium test kits are not terribly accurate when it comes to nitrate, they tend to actually be testing total dissolved nitrogen, only the highest end test kits like Lamotte and Machinery Nagel give a true Nitrate reading in my experience and I generally wouldn't sweat it unless you are seeing algae growth and even then it is easier to control phosphate.

I would expect to get closer to 4-6 months, it is usually salt creep and not calcium and related to the silencer being in an area laden with moist salt air or the skimmer being submerged too deep when it builds up faster. The 9004DC is really the same skimmer except for a DC motor which is stronger.

01/05/2017, 09:20 AM
Thanks again Roger! So the 9004 DC it is.

Oh, for the record, I actually use a Lamotte Nitrate-Nitrogen test kit and it's lately been registering about 0.5 Nitrate-Nitrogen (2.2 Nitrate), plus I have persistent GHA.

Therefore, since I don't feed heavily (1/8 cube of Mysis, 5 drops of liquid food and very small pinch of flakes, and dose vinegar, I'm thinking I'm not getting the most out my current 9004.

Also, I've had Nitrates at zero for a few months before, so I've increased my dosing, but it hasn't gone back down. So I'm kinda stumped for now.

So would the stronger DC motor help with this? And also help keep salt creep from building up?

Sorry for all the questions.

01/05/2017, 10:09 AM
You can get just the pump to upgrade an existing 9004, it won't help with the salt build up, only raising the skimmer or repositioning the silencer would solve that.

I would trust that test kit to be accurate, but I still would not be too alarmed by 2ppm if the phosphate is very low, I might just do a water change and up the carbon dosing, there was a great article on carbon dosing and nitrate removal a few years ago in Coral, the author was Murray Camp and he used a concoction of Vodka, Vinegar and Vitamin C and bio pellets, it was fairly in depth on what methods gave the best results.

01/05/2017, 10:29 AM
Great suggestions ... thanks again!