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01/05/2017, 03:19 AM

UK reefer here, been reefing for over 10 years :spin1:

I have 4 x MP40wQD's all 4 of these fall off when in low flow state or feed mode, not all the time but i would say 7/10 times they will fail and fall off.

I have a thread open on a UK marine forum others having the same issue so not just me.

Seems when the pumps go to 10% then spin up it loses the magnet grib and then they rattle and fall off. i have even leveled and aligned with a laser mutiple times so its not that, and also changed and used the different gaskets in the kit.

What can i do to stop this happenring, sometimes i come home all 4 are off and failed, i dont want to loose any SPS, nor have the heavy dry side smash my tank

open to help, expeiment if required but im sure there are plenty of users in the USA with the same problem :frog:

01/08/2017, 11:21 PM
I also have 2xmp40QD and they also fall down. When the pumps do the transition to feed mode or low power programs, the dry part falls down. No reply from Ecotech... I install my previous MP10 and problem solved. Now I have 2xMP40QD in the package in the cabinet without any usage!!!

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01/09/2017, 12:21 AM
you are not alone recently i also suffer the same thing

01/09/2017, 12:12 PM
What glass thickness do you have them mounted on?

Also, what will help, and you are supposed to be doing, is tightly securing the cord about 2 - 3" above the dry side using the supplied zip tie mounts. This both helps hold the unit in place and prevents any major swings if they ever do separate. The line should be secured such that if they ever do separate, the dry side basically doesn't move. If you have slack, then fix that.