View Full Version : Spyglass and Biopellets

01/05/2017, 10:17 AM
I should be getting my first spyglass tomorrow. I plan to use it for GFO. If I end up liking this reactor I am thinking of switching my biopellet reactor over to a spyglass. However one thing that is puzzling me is how do I get the output to go to my skimmer. Right now I have the output line from my reactor going to my skimmer. From the looks of it this will not be possible. Am I missing something? What is the recommended setup here for Biopellets?

Avast Marine
01/06/2017, 08:41 AM
There is no direct connection for output to a skimmer. In our testing over the years this really has limited (read not measurable) difference in the effectiveness of the biopellets or the skimming. You can simply place it next to your skimmers intake if you feel it will help though. The real benefit of the spyglass and biopellets is the contact time that the water has with the media and this is due to the very efficient design eliminating the need for a more powerful pump, set it up in recirculating mode and this is increased even more.