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01/05/2017, 05:17 PM
Ok, I emailed ecotech but want to get an answer or idea of what's going on asap cause the weekend is coming and I won't be able to get parts or a potential answer til Monday. My vectra is about a month old. Newer one, been running for 3 weeks on a newer 120. It's been calibrated and hooked up to reeflink successfully. It's also hooked up to the latest generation ecotech battery back up with their battery booster made for the vectra pumps. Pump is running cool and controller seems pretty cool to the touch. Well yesterday it went to battery backup mode about 4x but power was never lost and then it did it again once today. It will then flash the yellow as the dots countdown on the controller and then regains power and goes back to its regular program. It's plugged in thru a new 2016 apex and from what I've read there are no special low watt or special plugs on the new apex like the old plus power is never lost to anything else on the apex only the pump quits...I reprogrammed the pump from 35% to 37% & rebooted reeflink so hopefully it was a glitch or something but has anyone experienced this or can you help me out ecotech? I'll call and leave a message tonight or call tomorrow as well.


01/05/2017, 05:27 PM
Just did it again

01/05/2017, 05:28 PM
I can't run my skimmer or uv cause either the sump roses and skimmer will overflow & the flow will be to low thru uv and I don't want it getting to hot

01/05/2017, 05:29 PM
Powers down and then starts back up...whole process from cutting out and regaining power takes 30 seconds to a minute

01/09/2017, 04:33 PM
Mi eis doing the same thing

01/10/2017, 09:31 AM
Spoke with bulk reef supply about this issue. They say that if something obstructs the impeller or if the pump think there is, it will shut down and recycle. He said that after three times in a row, it will go into standby mode. That is concerning to me. What if this happens while I'm out of town. I could find my tank dead and never know anything was wrong. I hate that this pump will not communicate with my apex. I was hoping they would correct that eventually. I will be contacting ecotech to troubleshoot this issue. I will post my findings