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01/07/2017, 07:33 AM
Hi there RC community...I was recently lucky enough to aquire a frag albeit a very large frag of BRC and as much as I hate to I need to make it smaller...the frag is 5" tall which is not an issue...but the base has a 3.5" diameter, which sadly is larger then any rocks in my nano...essentially I would like to remove the sides of the frag to make it fit on my rocks...

So since I have zero experience with this coral I would like to hear from someone here who has actual experience with this coral...

I would post pics but currently it is in my QT and not happy about it...
Okay dug up the sellers photo

And here is a photo of my QT showing the very pretty blue Skelton underneath.http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l46/crazyoldcougar/Mobile%20Uploads/20170106_142957_zpsd5tjkn8m.jpg

01/22/2017, 09:40 AM
This coral is actually a soft coral, despite what the blue skeleton may lead you to believe. You can frag much like hard coral, however, by snapping or cutting off a piece and gluing it to either small piece of rock or a frag plug. Given good conditions (yeh, I know...) it is a pretty fast growing coral, and may quickly overgrow neighboring coral - depending on which packs the strongest "punch" when it comes to stinging for new territory. Mine gets nibbled on occasonally (I believe my Asfur angel is the culprit), and grows both vertical blades and, to a lesser extent, lateral rock coverage. It is currently held at bay one side by a stylophora, but I'm not sure just yet by the acros on the other side.

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