View Full Version : Hopefully someone here can help with my blue Ridge coral

01/07/2017, 06:16 PM
Hi there RC community...I was recently lucky enough to aquire a frag albeit a very large frag of BRC and as much as I hate to I need to make it smaller...the frag is 5" tall which is not an issue...but the base has a 3.5" diameter, which sadly is larger then any rocks in my nano...essentially I would like to remove the sides of the frag to make it fit on my rocks...

So since I have zero experience with this coral I would like to hear from someone here who has actual experience with this coral...

I would post pics but currently it is in my QT and not happy about it...
Okay dug up the sellers photo

And here is a photo of my QT showing the very pretty baby blue exoskeleton underside