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01/07/2017, 08:17 PM
I've owned several clams and haven't seen this yet. I've read lots of threads on it thought but never with pictures.

This is a maxima clam, approximately 2.5" in size. I drip acclimated for ~3.5 hours. Upon transfer to the DT what looks like the entire foot was left behind in the LFS bag. While this is perhaps one of the most reputable LFS in the state, the girl helping me didn't know the difference from a Derasa and a Maxima, so I have not doubt she could have damaged it upon transfer. The clam also had two pyramid snails in the chutes so it got a good scrub and cleaning and is now in Tupperware in tank; but this was all done after the foot was found in the bag.

Is this the entire foot? At bare minimum you can definitely see the phenol gland (green) and white gland, but not sure if the byssus gland is also removed. Left behind in the underside of the clam is just a meaty surrounding with a hole in the middle.

The LFS is over an hour away, would you call and perhaps return this? The mantle is slightly extended after transfer, but lights are out so it's hard to tell if it is going to fully open. $100, so not a cheap loss.



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01/07/2017, 09:30 PM
Any slight damage to the foot is bad news. Return