View Full Version : ComlineŽ Wavebox 6208 in (truly) small tank?

Mike Toe
01/08/2017, 11:45 PM
Hi Roger, I was wondering what would happen if I put a 6208 in a very small tank (namely, a Coralife Biocube 14). I know that is waaaaaay under the 40-gallon minimum size that TUNZE states. But I just wondered if it might still be doable? (I am extremely interested in implementing both its "near-nature wave movement " and "De-sedimentation of the entire aquarium habitat" features in this particular tank of mine.)


01/09/2017, 09:08 AM
It won't work. Wave generation by pulsing a pump works on resonance frequency, our shortest frequency is .30 seconds which will generally only work on something 2ft plus. From a practical standpoint, a tank under 4ft but over 2ft can generate a wave but it is not pleasing, it is very fast and short and just not worthwhile, the longer the tank, the more realistic the wave. You can also do this with just a 6040 on a small tank but the 2ft limit still applies as the timing is the limiting factor, you would need an even faster off and on time.

Mike Toe
01/09/2017, 09:59 AM
ok, thanks very much for the detailed explanation!