View Full Version : Radion Gen 4 regular or pro

01/15/2017, 11:15 AM
Have searched and read through a few reviews, but it seems a bit unclear if people are talking about the pro version or regular when discussing par reading, color etc.

I saw this asked in the comments of the BRS test video but no answer. This is what I want to know also. "Thanks so much, so in what situations would the pro be recommended? It looks like the normal version is missing Warm White & Violet, which I'd assume could make some colors pop a bit more? It's quite a steep jump in price from regular to the pro, I'm curious if it's worth it."

Also reading various forums it seems most people are using XR30 Gen 4 pro. I wanted to start a poll to see what Gen 4 people are using:

1. Gen 4 regular - mix reef
2. Gen 4 regular - sps
3. Gen 4 pro - mix reef
4. Gen 4 pro - sps