View Full Version : G3 pro pucks in G2 overheating?

01/15/2017, 03:56 PM
HI everyone,

I have two Radion XR30 Pros that I upgraded the pucks to G3 PRO pucks that have been working flawlessly for a couple of years. Yesterday one of them was out and the LED on top was flashing red. I read up on the problem and tried everything from disabling the buttons to resetting them to reconfiguring my Apex. No matter what they would only light for a few minutes and then go out. I finally decided to put the old G2 pucks back in and try that. The first thing I noticed was that the G3 pucks plugs were discolored from the heat. I had a hard time getting them unplugged and even broke one of the plugs slightly because it had became brittle. I also notice some discoloration on the circuit boards next to some of the LEDs.
Anyway, I put the G2 pucks back in and it has been running for probably 30 minutes now and seems just fine. Has anyone else seen this problem? BTW, the fan was clean and I occasionally blow the dust out of the heat sink area. Air was moving fine over it. Also I used the thermal paste.

Alex Y EcoTech
01/16/2017, 02:50 PM

It seems like the G3 clusters may have some type of hardware issue. I would recommend sending your Radion and the pucks in for repair. Please go to http://ecotechmarine.com/support/request-service/ and fill out our Return Materials Authorization form to receive the necessary email and other information you need to send in your product in for service.