View Full Version : Radion Reeflink Moon Phase Setting help

01/17/2017, 07:10 PM
I have two radion gen 4 pros on my 4ft 105g mixed reef tank. I have reef link set up with them my mp40s and my vector pump. I love the ability to program everything all in one application. One of the features that interested me the Most was the actual reef setting (there is a specific name) but basically it replicates reef lighting as measured off the water, replicates sun rise and set plus has a moon phase setting that ties to the calendar and whatever moon is out, is the same moon light your tank gets. Cool! However I have yet to get it to work. I have changed settings on the lights going from one program to the next adjusting brightness, etc all immediately is visible in the tank so you know the program talks to the lights. But no matter what program I select I can not get the moon phase setting to work. As soon as the program transitions from the day setting to the night setting the lights just go completely off. I had it set this way for weeks, so it wasn't just during a new moon phase. I know there is a little problem with the reef link website for example when you need to log out and log back in sometimes to set a setting changed, even though the tank already accepted the new program. But I am pretty sure I have those bugs figured out and am using the program correctly. Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there a solution?

Thank you.

01/17/2017, 07:46 PM
I had to re-calibrate each radion for them to work.