View Full Version : Radion XR15 Height Adjustment

01/17/2017, 09:33 PM
I tried this in a different section, so I apologize if this appears as a duplicate:

I'm currently running 1 XR15 G3 Pro over my Nuvo 20 SPS tank. I started with the height at 12" and am using the wide angle lenses. I am currently at 90% brightness using the radiant color profile. I am noticing some darkening of my corals on the outer perimeter of the tank...assuming a significantly lower PAR value out there. I am debating lowering the height from 12" to the standard 9" above water line. Just curious if anyone has a rough estimate of the par increase from a per inch drop on these? I will use the acclimation made, but trying to get the ballpark values to start with so I don't cause too much shock to the corals I the middle of the tank (doing great).

Params are in check monitored by Apex and Hanna checkers:
SG - 35ppt
Temp - 78
Ph - 7.9-8.1
Alk - 9.2
Ca - 420
Mg - 1280
Po4 - .02-.03 with ULR reading of 6-9 typically