View Full Version : Beta FW: Failed to Recover From Power Outage

01/18/2017, 06:53 PM
Just wanted to get some more visibility to the issue I had today when the power went out. Here is a copy/paste of my post in the beta FW forum on Neptune:


I just wanted to share my experience with the beta and one major issue I ran into.

I had no problem updating everything and was able to get full support of my Radeon G4 channels. Everything worked great. We recently had a power outage that appeared to take out my Apex. I was able to connect locally over the network as well as through Apex Fusion, but all of my probes were showing 0 and the EB8 would not toggle outlets. All of my modules showed green status lights, but everything seemed frozen.

I called support (who was awesome) and they ended up flashing me down to the older released FW. Everything came back up after this and it seems happy again. I can't say for sure that the beta FW was the cause of this, but I never had this issue with regular releases.

For now I am going to avoid the beta until it's ready for release or I have time to do some testing to be sure it won't happen again. I just wanted to put this out there to see if it could be a bug and see if anyone else has had this issue.