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01/19/2017, 07:32 PM
Hello everyone! Its been a while since I posted on here (2012!).
Ive been out of the hobby for a few years and just got my big reef tank up and going again after sitting for 3 years. Its been going for almost a year now 🙂

I had the best dumb luck in the past! I did everything wrong and everything worked out great. Now not so much....

Unfortunately I ignored all previous advice on QT new fish and ended up with a tank full of ich (stupid I know).

Anyway my current fish are hanging out in the 55 QT vacation tank for the next 59 days, soaking up the copper and getting better day by day (no loss yet).

After these guys go back home to the DT I wanted to use the 55 for a zebra lion and possible snowflake eel and ?????

I had a fu man chu (sp?) and juvenile emperor angle a few years ago in a 110 that both died within 1 week for still unknown causes. replaced them with a fuzzy dwarf and coral beauty a few weeks later from a LFS instead of Craigslist for the same thing to happen. All water testes came back fine, no s/s of disease and no injuries. There had to be something in that tank (bought used) that vinegar and bleach didn't kill/clean off that killed them .

I really liked the zebra lion and would like to get one again. The tank will be stocked around him, so any suggestions would be great!

Yes I know if it fits in the lions mouth it will eat it. But what will grow well together and at a rate that wont make one become the others snack?

I have read that 2 male lions is a big NO for fighting reason, but what about 2 that aren't the same sub species? (some you cant tell sex)

Also room in a 55 is not that big of an issue for the long term (a year would be an ideal time before upgrading though), I know everyone says they will do it and then don't, but I will upgrade for my fish.

I have posted this on 2 other forums today and it seems most have died off in the last few years.

01/19/2017, 09:44 PM
Zebra lions are a dwarf species, they will pretty quickly to about 4" then slow down to a crawl for next couple of inches. I keep one with a fu, fuzzy, and antennata.

Zebras can be tricky to feed, try and find one that's already eating. Even if eating they may only take live food, or if being fed dead food-may just stop eating. I feed my lion tank live food.

You could keep a couple of the dwarf or small species together in a 55. They will eat small fish, my 4" zebra would take down a small reef fish lickity split. And obviously no shrimp would be safe.

01/19/2017, 10:00 PM
Will any eel be a good choice for in the tank?

01/19/2017, 10:16 PM
That would be a great tankmate, just one of the smaller ones. A snowflake, jeweled, or fimbriated would be good; I don't think they need a tank as large as some recommend. I have a jeweled in a 125, not as active as I'd like but still very cool.

01/19/2017, 11:17 PM
thanks, I was thinking a snowflake or a zebra.

I know the zebras get quit big but are usually very peaceful and model citizens in a reef. If i go with a zebra I would move it to the large reef DT when it out grew the smaller tank. It would also give my little clowns some time to grow up.

I like the clown trigger but have read they will pick on a lion and eventually rip up its fins or be speared by the lion when he has had enough of the picking.

any other suggestion on a colorful more active swimming tank mate? I did like my coral beauty that I had briefly. I also was looking at a juvenile Koran angel? But I think they also get to large for a 55.

01/20/2017, 12:19 AM
Zebra eels usually come in pretty large from the beginning, that is one of the popular eels I think need to be in a larger tank, A snowflake would be a better choice.

If you like the coral beauty I said go for that one or one of the pygmy angels. Any large angel even very small would not be good.

01/20/2017, 07:46 AM
I know that the large angels are known for nipping at the fins of Lionfish, but I don't know about the Dwarf Angels. Something to think about.

01/21/2017, 04:21 PM
ill probably stick to a just a few small lion species. I didnt know that they could get along together