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01/21/2017, 05:08 PM
Hello, I'm a self taught marine enthusiast/hobbyist seeking recommendations for compatible additions to my existing tank.

The tank itself is a custom built 60 gallon with a 10 gallon sump (with bio balls), the return as well as 2 power heads create the circulation, and it has been established for about 3 years (moved once about one year ago) with lots of live rock, T5 10000k/actinic lighting, and a pvc tunnel system.

I do a 10-20% water change about once a month, and water parameters have tested normal (no nitrate/ammonia, 1.025ppm specific gravity, 77*F, 8.2ph). I feed 2-3 times a week (frozen brine blocks or formula 2 pellets for fish, and diced shrimp/squid/clam for the eel and sea star). The only problem I've ever really had is Cyanobacteria, which I treat every 4-6 months by turning the lights off for a few days and it clears up (I think my T5s need to be replaced son).

Current inhabitants include:
Scooter blenny
ocellaris clownfish (2")
Chocolate chip sea star
Yellow tang (5")
Bicolor angel (4")
Chain link moray eel (8")
Several snails/hermit crabs

I love my fish, but the tang and angel tend to hide if they realize you are looking st them, and the eel just pokes his head out most of the time. I want to add another fish or two that won't cost me too much, will be at least mostly peaceful and will be generally visible/aesthetically pleasing. I plan on getting another juvenile clownfish, and am wondering what else would make a good edition that is hearty and visible within the tank.

I looked into anemones, but due to the size of the tank, and my fear it will harm my fish, don't think I'll get one. I've also looked into a dogface or Valentino puffers, but have read they may pick away at my sea star?

Anyone have any recommendations?

Friendly input much appreciated :-)

01/21/2017, 05:48 PM
You have a 60 gallon tank that is already significantly stocked with quite an array of fish. If they are doing well and getting along, then you are very lucky and I would be reluctant to push that luck. Be happy and enjoy the success you're having.