View Full Version : Osmolator 3155 Pump

01/23/2017, 11:14 AM
I have had the tunze osmolator 3155 for several years without issue. Recently the original pump stopped working so I replaced it with a spare that I had in stock (bought it at the time of purchase - and was still bale to find it - always like to have a back-up). After cleaning the original it is now working fine.

Two Questions:

1) Can I put two pumps together into one controller for redundancy or will that put too much stress on the switch/controller?

2) What are the power specs on the pump if I want to use it with a wall wart?

01/23/2017, 11:46 AM
The controller can only provide 1200mA to a pump, a single pump needs 800-1100mA depending on head pressure and age so 2 will not work, it will cause a shut down and long term potentially ruin the controller due to overheating.

The pump needs a 9-12V 1200mA power supply.