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01/25/2017, 12:14 PM
3 plus months ago I bought a single large (2" diameter) Dark purple mushroom with bright purple spots throughout mushroom for $10 for the sole purpose of getting brave and trying to propagate it using the pizza cuts from the mouth out method. I put the 4 cuttings on some rock that had narrow deep ridges in a Tupperware container with very low flow to have them reattach. I definitely lost one to probably a bacteria infection since it looked good for a couple days, but then basically melted away in a, albeit relatively small, mess! The other 3 attached to the rock, but started to lose their color, displaying white sections of their current tissues. (This was not a white patch of something growing "on them" but where their current tissues and structures were becoming white. Assuming that in their new found "cut up" condition, maybe they were being more sensitive to light, I moved said rock down to the bottom of my tank kind of out of the way. Thinking I lost 2 of the remaining 3 cuttings forever (they disappeared to my eye sight, but I think they actually retracted into the deep skinny crevices of the rock) the one left I could see continued to lose all his color completely except for very light patches (almost as if someone had erased a colored pencil drawing) I assumed I would eventually "lose" him too. Recently I decided to open up the area above them to more light, but still at the bottom of the tank and moved a large clump of dragons breath macro algae that had grown out from a rock over the other part of the rock. Well in the last couple days I noticed what I think is the other 2 cuttings, but they are COMPLETELY white devoid of any color. Thoughts? Anybody know or think the color will come back? The original cuttings are all "round" now, with what looks like "finished edges", but ZERO color? Move them up into more intense light? I could leave them where they are, but the one that has been visible, has steadily lost color as previously mentioned. Thanks for any comments. (Something I LOL about was I bought this guy to "try it out on" because I had a really gorgeous BRIGHT green ricordia that I wanted to split, but couldn't bring myself to do it, 1) Because he is a family favorite, 2) Because he was $30. Since trying with the purple, the green ricordia split itself off twice, so I have 3 large green ricordias now, by not doing anything. I think that's pretty funny, and about my luck in life.
Also, I am not looking to prop them to sell or trade, more because I want to fill my own tank and enjoy the "process" of things "growing out", all in a 40 breeder right now, but have a 125 gallon in the garage waiting for this tank to get "too full" to then have to spread out.

01/26/2017, 06:23 AM
Its possible that its a result from the stress of the cut. You definitely did the right thing by moving them down to lower light and flow as having them higher probably bleached them a little bit. If it were me I'd keep them in the low light and flow until you start to see some color improvement, which could take a while. Another possibility is that the mushroom may just not take to cutting well. I know that yumas don't like to be cut and I haven't heard of anyone cutting their jawbreakers either, maybe because of their overall cost. Rhodactis definitely are cool with being cut and I'm not really sure about other actinodiscus, I've always known them to spread fairly quickly on their own.