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01/25/2017, 03:43 PM
Long story short, I'm soaking some old liverock from a tank I tore down in just RO water in a garbage can because it was infested with majanos and Palys. It's been sitting for a week and my plan was just to change the water 1x a week and re-use the rock for base rock. So I drained the can which was obviously nasty and smelled a bit, during this process a breathed in some of the stank and now I've got this cough and chest congestion.... My understanding was Palytoxin was only an issue through the air if you boiled rock etc... Thoughts? Am I just being paranoid?

01/25/2017, 04:34 PM
think your being paranoid.

01/26/2017, 04:02 PM
Reliable info on the topic from Julian Sprung

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01/26/2017, 04:03 PM