View Full Version : Turbelle Nanostream 6025 on a AC Wavemaker

01/27/2017, 10:02 AM
I am looking to fill in some corner dead spots on my frag system Can the Turbelle Nanostream 6025 work on a generic AC wavemaker? I can run up to three pumps on that unit. I find the Hydors reverse over time. The Maxijets just make a bunch of noise from the constant on and off and never actually pump. I am looking for an AC head for around $50 or less.

01/27/2017, 10:22 AM
The 6025s will also make noise and may run in reverse, since propellers only work spinning one way AC models all have a mechanical system to correct direction, which is where they really differ from an impeller that works in either direction. The best would be a timer with 15-60 minute increments, they will still make noise on every start but the propeller will at least last a couple years, otherwise the damage caused by wave makers will eventually be a broken propeller and that is not covered by the warranty, they aren't terribly expensive but if the cycles are very short a propeller can be ruined in a couple months. The 6040 might be a better option overall.

01/27/2017, 10:48 AM
Thanks... I have been placing Maxi Jet 1200 in the corners but there is no way to mount them. I may just get the 6015 or 6025 and leave it on as I do with the MJ's... This way I can at least mount them...